Pi Turbidity Meter


  • Autoclean solid state optical sensor – no moving parts
  • Single point calibration – very easy to use
  • Stable and reliable – excellent process control
  • Suitable for all potable, waste and process waters between 0 NTU and 1000 NTU
  • ‘Maintenance free’ – low cost of ownership
  • No ‘zero’ required – improved accuracy at the low end
  • Up to 1 year between calibration – very little drift
  • Up to 10 bar – for inline operation
  • 0.001 resolution
  • Automatic debubbling and bubble removal solutions – no interference from bubbles

Additional Info

The TurbSense range of Turbidity/Suspended Solids analysers is made up of an ISO 7027 compliant Turbidity/Suspended Solids Meter covering the range of 0.011000 NTU (0.012000mg/ l depending on the sample).

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