Pi Chlorine Meter


  • Online free and total chlorine 0.01-2 ppm, 0.01-5 ppm, 0.01-10 ppm, 0.01-20 ppm, 0.01-200 ppm (free chlorine only)
  • Online residual chlorine in seawater analysers (free or total bromine) 0.01-2 ppm, 0.01-5 ppm, 0.01-10 ppm, 0.01-20 ppm
  • Online zero chlorine  (designed to measure the absence of free chlorine) 0.01-2 ppm for applications such as post activated carbon and pre-RO monitoring.
  • Low purchase cost , Low cost of ownership
  • Reduced pH dependency (largely pH independent)
  • Stable and reliable, Bufferless, Reagentless

Additional Info

The HaloSense range of Residual Chlorine Analysers, Residual Chlorine Controllers and Residual Chlorine Monitors utilise the very latest and best chlorine sensors available in the world today.

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