Pi CRIUS Remote Communications


  • The Process Instruments CRIUS® controller can provide as an option, remote access via LAN or GPRS modem.
  • Provides two way communications allowing not just the downloading of data but the uploading of new settings, setpoints, PID controls, etc.
  • Provide peer to peer communication so the controller talks directly to the internet, there is no web site in the middle to have to log on to.
  • Email alarms and daily emails can be sent to an unlimited number of email addresses. The daily email has the previous 24 hours data attached so you need never download data again, it just arrives in your inbox.

Additional Info

The CRUIS range of analysers can be equipped, with remote communications capabilities. This capability, when paired with Process Instruments (Pi’s) cloud portal provides the user with an unparalleled level of control over their water quality from anywhere in the world, and from any internet enabled device.

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